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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, if you missed even a second of fired fbi director james comey's testimony fox5 has you covered. tonight the white house is firing back. the president never in form or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey stop inveig
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families left picking up the pieces over the growing opioid problem hits home. what's being done and the warning signs you need to look out for that could help you save a life. plus, as the weather heats up so is d.c.'s rat problem. we pressed the city to find out what it's doing to get rid of the rats. the answer might surprise you, the news at ten starts right now. we begin tonight with two big breaking news stories. two d.c. police officers were hurt in a hit and run. a that is the scene you were seeing on the left-hand side of your screen. on the right-hand side of your screen, at least four people were stabbed including two teenagers in silver springs, m. it is in the adams morgan neighborhood, fox5's lauren demarco is live from there tonight. what can you tell us. >>reporter: you can imagine adams morgan, this is right in the heart of the area and of course it is crowd odd a thursday evening,
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people. there are about four or five blocks of 18th street blocked off right now and everybody is sort of lining this crime tape, looking trying to find out what's going on. police are interviewing witnesses. what the police chief, peter newsham just told us is that there was an accident. there was a white pickup truck that slammed into two police officers and one department of public works traffic officer who were out here along 18th street. he said it is not clear whether or not he were in the street or the on sidewalk. the two officer were bicycle police patrol officers. one of them taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. the other one in serious condition, along with that department of public works officer. and hen there was also the driver of the pickup truck who is in the hospital. that driver, after hitting the three continued northbound on 18th street and then slammed into what looks like a recycling truck tt
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side of the roadway. that person was taken out of the truck, taken to the hospital, also placed under arrest for hit and run. so again what we know right now, one police officer in extremely critical condition. another in serious condition and then the dpw traffic officer also taken to the hospital in serious condition, along with that driver who will be facing hit and run charges. again, a very large scene here. you can see the police presence stretches for several blocks and again pretty crowded out here thursday evening, a lot of people very shaken who witnessed this. i know police are talking with them and still trying to piece together exactly what happened, whether there will be any more charges placed here. but hopes and prayers going out right now to this one officer who is reportedly in extremely critical condition. that's the latest here in adams morgan. we'll continue to update you as we learn more information here at the scene. we know that this is a very, very
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there always a lot of people out there especially like you mention odd a thursday night. are we clear the officers were he bicycle officers. >> the two police officers, bicycle officers. it's not clear whether they were actually on their bikes or standing beside them and i asked whether they were in the street or on the sidewalk. right now the chief says it's just all under investigation. he doesn't know lauren, has the chief or any other police officer indicated the demeanor of this person who left the scene, was arrested, now taken to the hospital? do they believe there was a medical episode? hs was intentional, anything about that? >> we asked and they just don't know at this time. i got some information from people who weren't firsthand witnesses and i'm just not sure enough about it to go with it. so at this point i would say we just don't know. we'll have to wait and see what comes out of the investigation. from what you learned we know the information is still coming in and all the detairls being worked
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now when you got down there april you were able to talk to some witnesses, was the area packed or were there a few people out there. >> i wouldn't say packed pack. it's definitely busy. a thursday night, there were people lining this crime tape are being redirected because you can't cross 18th street at this point. if you're he on colombia a road heading through adams morgan awr ' going to be stopped and turned around and there is about a four to five block stretched. people are certainly wondering what's going on and when they hear the news, concerned of course for these officers. >> absolutely. >> definitely a tense scene. this all happened just about 9 p.m. certainly our thoughts and prayers are with those police officers. you said one is in critical condition and the other is in serious condition. >> yes. also the department of public works officer who was hit as well. >> thank you, lauren. we're going to getou
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information. we'll probably come back to you later in the newscast to get an update. we want to turn to breaking news in silver springs, maryland. sky fox over the scene where four people were stabbed, at least two of them teenagers, fox5's marina maracco is standing by with the very latest. marina, what happened here. >>reporter: it all unfolded just behind mean. you'll see the garland avenue bus stop. this is a section that straddles silver springs and that quoam a park. when the police arrived they saw an 18 year old victim and a 15 year eeld victim part of the stabbing scene. they are expecting at some point that the two other victims may end up at a local hospital still unclear what led to the stabbing here, but police officer,s as you see here as well as detectives have been on the scene since about 7:00 when that call came out. again, unclear what led to the stabbing, but we are learning that the
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transported from the scene here are suffering from non-life threatening injuries. live tonight in montgomery county, marina maracco, fox5 local news. >> those were lies, plain and simple. and i am so sorry that the fbi workforce had to hear them and i'm so sorry that the american people were told them. fiergd fbi director james comey did not hold back when he testified today before the senate dlejts committee. it was the first time we heard from him publicly. he told the committee that phone calls and a meetings with the president were awkward and concerning. he also said the white house lied when the more al was low. today mr. trump's personal lawyer responded to comey's testimony. the image donald trump wanted to present today was that of a present unconcrned by the imag
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he didn't let me down and i will never, ever let you down. you know that. it was left to the company's outside attorney mark cas wits to respond to james comey's testimony. mr. comey has now finally confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately. that is that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe into russian interference. >> while cas wits claimed vined education on that point the president's team took issue that the president was subtly ordering him to drop the investigation into michael flynn. the president in form or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone, including the president never suggested that mr. comey, quote, let flynn go. president
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jr. backed up his father saying he doesn't do subtle l on twitter knowing my father for 39 years when he orders or tells you to do something, there is no ambit youth. you will know exactly what he means. on comey's assertion that the president was asking him for a pledge ever loyalty cas wits insisted, didn't happen. the president also never told mr. comey, quote, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty, closed quote. he never said it in form and he never said it in substance. while the bulk of the response came from the president's personal attorney, the white house did weigh in on comey's assertion that the president lied about the director's firing. the administration then chose to defame me and more important lit fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray. that it was poorly lead, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plain and simple.
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the principal deputy secretary rejected that a charge. no, i can definitively say that the president is not a liar and i think it's frankly insulting that that question would be asked. the president's team also came down that he leaked the details of the february 14 oval office meeting in order to prompt the appointment of a special counsel. cas wits claimed the action amounted to retaliation against the president. we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigatedded along with all the others that are being investigated. the president's legal team also charges that comey had begun to leak the contents of of his memos before the president sent& out the tweet. comey said caused h i am to leak the details of their oval office meeting. in fact, the day before the president sent out the tweet the new york times carried details of the private dee dinner about the
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had memorialized in a memo. >> we asked you on our fox5 facebook page to grade comey's testimony. many of you said he did very well. as of moments ago 375 people gave him an a, while 174 gave him a grade of b only ten people gave comey an f if you'd like to visit his performance, visit our fox5 facebook page and let us know how you think he did. a three year old is dead after falling out of a second story window in fairfax county.ed to le was playing in a room that had a screen. he fell through and rushed to the hospital where he died. police believe it was just a tragic accident. jurors in billion cosby's section assault trial got to hear testimony from the comedian himself. one of the key elements on day four was cosby's own words and they could be damaging
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take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> a disis tushing scene inside this pennsylvania supermarket, an employee went on a
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rampage and killed three co-workers and then himself h. it happened n at a grocery story in northern pennsylvania. the man was in the middle of eafer night shift. he fired nearly 60 shots. they're still trying to figure out what sparked the rampage. >> it was day number four of the cost sexual assault today and today they heard more than a decade old deposition where the comedian admitted giving andrea constant pills. he also claimed he never had sex with constance we hear more now from fox's michelle shenandoah valley eights. >> one of transcript from a police interview in which cosby admitted to gives pills and fondling his accuser andrea constant. that interview taking place in 2005. cosby telling his investigators he gave her one and a half benadryl pills to help her relax but says she didn't show any adverse effects and never objected to his
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advances. on tuesday she said she never consentedded to any sexual encounter and the pills made her unable to fight off cosby's encounter. there is a one year gap between the alleged crime and the interview with police. cosby said on tuesday that's he because she was intime mated by cosby's celebrity status. he did have a romantic relationship with his h accuser and they did have some physical interaction but it was never intercourse. >> there is an opioid epidemic hitting our area and it doesn't discriminate. you can be rich, boy, black or white and die after a her own overdose. tonight, the law community came together to discuss solutionses. >> teisha lewis joins us. >>reporter: the big take away from tonight's gathering is that parents if p you notice anything, spot anything that's out of the ordinary, we're talking about a
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spoon or maybe there's aluminum foil in the bedroom, anything that doesn't make sense, don't doubt, ask questions, get some help. four years ago, situate air a marie va lay hew overdosed on heroin and died. she was 22 years old. now her mother hopes story will help others resist tracing the dragon. >> you're constantly seeking that first high. i got involved in h this to tell her story to help other families not to haven deur the pain and suffering that my family goes through on a daily basis. the story is one of many depicted in h this new film tracing the dragon produced by the fbi. on thursday night the community came out fr a screening at forest park high school in woodbridge. most of the people featured in the if i, including ciera, are from prince william county. she was just fantastic t. she was full of life and energy. she was motivated. she was smart, good
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competitive cheerleader and just went down the wrong path. >> it affects anybody and everybody. it's not only in the inner cities anymore, it's throughout rural communities. it's affecting the rich, the poor, everybody. ea's special agent in charge carl colder is talking about the opioid epidemic playing d.c., maryland, virginia and west virginia. the whole message here is to educate and we have to start at the middle school level, elementary school and high schools to really hit home. >> that opioids can kill. in 2015 there were 1,259 overdose deaths in maryland. in 2016 there were 2,089. that's a nearly 70 percent increase. we're talking about
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alcohol-related intoxication deaths. i was a part of the chasing the dragon movie. i started working with them my sophomore year of high school when i found out one of my friends were involved with drugs. having spoken with numbers of people who are opioid addicted they say they got blindsided by it. they had no idea. they tell me things like i didn't realize how addictive that substances was. i think it was prescribed to treat pain for good reason, but some of those prescribing practices got out of hand and lack of information lead people to become addicted. >> again, if you spot anything strange in your house or your child's room say something. in 2016 the opioid crisis was declared a public health emergency. in virginia, in fact, in prince william county alonen
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opioid overdoses, fatal opioid overdoses and just three years later that number doubled. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> all right. it was a pleasant day outside, not stoo bad. in fact, it was gorgeous. let's check in with sue palka and find out what we can expect tomorrow? a. it was a beautiful day, wasn't it? today more like may yesterday more april. tomorrow is going to be more typical of the middle of june. and as a matter of fact we begin the process of warming tomorrow. it is not heatwave warmth. here's what's changing, by friday afternoon our cool pattern starts to break down as high pressure sinks to the south. it starts warming us up. temperatures near seasonable are back. what does that mean? it means about 82 or 83 greece. that's what we're going for tomorrow. i still think friday looks absolutely fantastic, but as the weekend goes on
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and warmer. here's a look at our friday. temperature on a cool note are in the 50s. we'll see suburban areas in the 50s at 8 a.m. 63-degrees here in city, by noon 77 and by 5:00 83 greece. looking good and check out these temperatures right now. open those windows and enjoy it while you can because we're not going to have too many more nights like this. seven day forecast and weekend outlook a little bit later shawn and tony. >> we want to continue to l to the breaking news from the district. let's take a live look right now in northwest in adams morgan. we can tell you about 9:00 we were told two police officers they were bicycle police officers were hit by that white truck that you see there with the doors open on the center of your screen. we know the conditions right now of those two officers. >> one of the officers in what was dribd as very critical condition. we bleeft other officer is in serious condition
10:22 pm
a department of public works officer we are told the vehicle kept going. it crashed, police have taken the driver into custody. we do have a reporter on the scene. we're going to have much more for you. our matt ackland has reported just during the last few moments that the mayor is headed to washington hospital centerment that is where the officers were taken. matt has been told she will meet the police chief there and will be a pressor about this incident at 11 p.m.
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let's go now to the breaking news right now in adams morgan in northwest d.c. if we can show you the video. lauren demarco is live on the scene. we believe it's an accident with two d.c. police officers and others injured in an apparent hit and run. >> lauren what's the latest. >>reporter:
10:26 pm
injured, one of them critically, certainly life threatening and the other in serious condition and a department of public works employee was also hurt. police chief peter newsham up dated the media just a short time ago. i want you to take a listen to what he has to say. we had a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. it struck two of our police officers and it struck, it appears, a dpw traffic control aid, all three were taken to local hospitals. we have a police officer right now that's in very critical condition being treated at a local hospital. and i've learned that the police chief and it sounds like the mayor are also heading to the hospital to talk i'm sure with the pamlys of these officers and be by their side. at the scene still very active. this is at 18th street, several blocks of the street remain shutdown. there is plenty of crime tape. this is
10:27 pm
loft people out here. in fact, i have with me a young man named yanu. he was here. there was these three people hit by a pickup truck. this is called a hit and run several blocks north of 18th street and then slammed into a truck. the driver then got out of the vehicle and that's where yanu comes into play. you saw that happen. what exact lip did you see. >> first i was waiting for a bus right there at colombia road and then what i heard was basically a scream and then following the screaming was the tire squealing sound. after that i just saw a white truck just heading towards my direction at a very high speed and then i saw it directly hit into the truck. >> there was sort of a trash or recycling truck that was parked there. >> yes. >> and it smashed into a truck. >> yes, indeed. >> you saw the driver get out of of the vehicle. >> i don't know if it's the driver or
10:28 pm
got out of the vehicle from the passenger side of the window. >> we're told that that was, in fact, the driver and that person was arrested and also taken to the hospital i believe in sear yution condition. but you saw the person climb out. >> yes, i saw it, yes. >> and you said that you didn't -- obviously you were at this end of the road. >> i was at the bus station but you had learned from other people you kind of stayed at the scene here and you were hearing what had happened where these officers were hit? >> yes, i heard it, but i don't know whether that's true. >> what exactly was it that you heard. >> what i heard was basically, so a car stopped in the middle of the road and then somebody was honking and then the white truck just kind of sped up trying to get around it. so on its way it hit maybe biking police officers. >> again, this what yanu has heard, so secondhand information. a lft people here
10:29 pm
t on information so we're not sure imactly about that part of it. what we do know is that the two officers were vuk were bicycle patrol officers. it's not clear whether they were actually on their bikes or standing to the side of them. and then there was the third person the department of public works traffic officer who was also hit all three of them being struck and then the truck continuing up the road where it crashed and this young man with me yanu witnessed that part of it. right now we know that the police chief and mayor we have learned are heading to the hospital to where these officers were taken to check in on them. i'm sure meet with their families. a lot of concerned people out here. people also having the issue of this street being blocked off a busy thursday night not able to get across. so a lot of action and active scene at this point here. >> i hate to bring this up, but we can't help about think of it, especially in light of the tragedieses
10:30 pm
have police mentioned anything like that to you at this point. >> they have not. i asked whether they know, you know, what led to this crash or what may have been going on. they did say that the driver was arrested for hit and run, but didn't elaborate on anything else. right now rgs everything is just under investigation. that's why i wanted -- even though it's that secondhand information i wanted to let you know what this young yu had been hearing. he doesn't even know if that's true himself. but that at least made me feel a little bit better. maybe this was some sort of horrible accident. again, we just don't know at this point. i'm not getting that sense. no one has mentioned any sort of terror or anything like that at this point. >> and one would think the chief might mention like that when he updated you just a few moments ago. lauren demarco reporting from adams morgan. we do believe there will be a press conference from b this from washington
10:31 pm
it could change. as soon as we get more information about it we'll bring that to you. stick around, the newses at 10:30 we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at
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>> welcome back, ten:30 right now. fox5 continuing to follow breaking you ins out of adam morgan. two police officers have been hit by a car. lauren, what's the very latest out there. >>reporter: a very active scene. we're live along 18th stroot northwest. just down the road here at about 9 p.m. there were two police officers they were bike patrol officers. there was also a department of public works traffic officer. all three of them hit by a white pickup truck. the truck then continued up 18th street, the northbound bound direction where it smashed into a large recycling truck that was parked on the side of the roadway. the driver crawled out. the two police officers and department of public works official all taken to the hospital. one of the police officers in critical california condition. the other two
10:35 pm
driver of that truck also taken to the hospital and also arrested, charged with a hit and run at this point. police are still investigating as to the cause, as to what exactly led to this, what motivated the driver to then continue down the road without stopping. we're not exactly clear on where the officers were when they were hit, whether they were in the road, whether they were on the sidewalk, on their bikes or standing, but that is what we know right now. the police chief and mayor are headed to washington hospital center where the officers have been taken and we are expecting a press conference at 11 p.m. there. i believe my colleague marina maracco is headed there and will bring us that live as well. that's the latest here in northwest. back to you in the studio. thank you very much. that's not the only breaking news we're dealing with right now. out of silver springs, sky fox over the scene. four people stabbed. at least two of them reported to be teenagers. we're keeping an eye on this situation for you.
10:36 pm
couple of hours ago in silver springs. once again we'll keep an eye on this one for you. again, a very eventful night, not just in the district, but also in that part of maryland. we'll keep you i'm dated, four people stabbed, two were teenagers in that section of silver springs. busy night p in the news department. but thankfully much quie ter in the water department. taking a live look on the white house. it's been busy on the hill, been busy in d.c. sarah, jim, the only thing that's not too active tonight is the weather. we have a beautiful evening at hand. no wonder a lot of people are out and about on this very comfortable evening with nice low humidity. as the temperatures respond to this very dry air we're going to get l cool overnight and comfortable. a lot of places already in the 50s and we'll get close to 59 or 60-degrees even downtown later tonight. we are going to start to warm up tomorrow. today was in the
10:37 pm
yesterday only in the upper 630s. tomorrow we're seasonable which means we're close to average for this time of year. we're going to forecast a high of 83-degrees tomorrow. but that's just the beginning because the real part of the heatwave begins on sunday. that's when we're going to see our temperatures up and over 90 greece and it may be a bit of a stretch. we're thinking several days of higher heat and humidity and that leat will continue probably through mid week. so buckle down and enjoy what we have tonight. maybe get the windows open and let some of the refreshing mother nature natural air-conditioning into your home we'll talk more about the weekend and the seven day forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> we're covering two crime sceeps one out of add morgan where we have police officers that who were struck by a truck as well as four people stabbed in silver springs. we're going to keep an eye on that and all the breaking news we have going on tonight. but first we need to take a quick break. we'll be right back. talk about getting bang for the
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right now we're going to take you to adams morgan where two police officers who were on bikes were hit by a truck. also a department of public works worker was also hit as well. it's been a very chaotic scene down there. let's get with lauren demarco for the very latest on this hit and run. >>reporter: a very large response, and a very large presence. we're at 18th street at colombia road. just a little bit down the road is where the two bike patrol police officers and one department of public works traffic officer were hit by a white pickup truck. police tell us that pickup truck took off continuing northboun
10:43 pm
18th street, smashed into a large dump truck that was parked on the side of the road. i believe that we have some pictures. if we have them i'd love for you to pull them up where you can see the white pickup truck that smashed into that dump truck. by either way that driver was arrested for a hit and run and taken to the hospital. the three people they hit, the two police officers and the department of public works officer also taken to the hospital. one of the mpd police officers in critical condition. the other two in serious condition. the police chief and mayor headed to washington hospital center where thats of officer i believe in critical condition was taken. again, very upsetting here at the scene and earlier we had been talking about the concern that of course is on everybody's mind about possible terrorism. the chief did not mention that at all. when we asked him about what may have led to this he said it is all under investigation. all that we know that
10:44 pm
hit and run charge. i did just speak with the spokesperson for d.c. police, dustin stern beck. he told me does this doesn't appear at this point to be terror at all. it is all still under investigation. that's the latest that we're hearing right now. i am aware that there is going to be a press conference i believe at 11 at washington hospital center lauren, people who are familiar with adams morgan that is the place on thursday night that is going to be jamb packed. i see some people out there. are you seeing a lot of people coming out of of the bars and rest trantsz nearby just to see what's going on out there. >> absolutely. i think when all of this happened there was such a large presence that it was very loud, all the sirens and so everybody sort of flocked out. it's somewhat dissipated, but there are still plenty of people sort of watching still waiting to hear. there are also people lined up waiting to talk to police. there are
10:45 pm
that police are trying to get tosm as we said about four to five blocks of 18th street shutdown. it's also impacting how people get around. especially if you're on foot. you have to walk several blocks to get where you are going. a little bit of chaos. some people walk through and don't even real iessments we've seen a few people tried to go under the crime tape and the people starred said get back. no one you spoke to actually saw the impact but they heard something; is that correct. >> everyone i talked to had it secondhand. my friend saw it. i haven't talked to anyone who actually witnessed it. as far as the crash that actually hit the officers. the gentleman that i spoke with witnessed the pickup truck then crash into the dump truck but he wasn't down
10:46 pm
were hit. he had been hearing that it seems to be accidental. it's just hearsay, it's what we're hearing at the scene, but not anything firsthand at this point. those people have been rounded up by the police officers here at the scene. they're still trying to do their jobs, we understand that. lauren demarco, thank you for doing yours. again just to recap. we have two officers that were hit in a hit and run. two bicycle patrol. a department of public works patrol worker also in serious condition and the suspect is in custody and was taken to the hovment we mentioned that there is going to be a press conference at 11:00. we want to take you to the washington hospital. marina maracco is there. we heard from matt ackland that the mayor is going to held over into that general vicinity. is that what you're hearing right now? >> we're waiting for her shortly. i just heard her chief of staff is here on property at washington med star and actually saw a man behind me who works for the department of
10:47 pm
that's homeland security and emergency management agency. we've just been asked by an mpd lieutenant to remove ourselves from the property and head over to the other side of the emergency room hopefully talk here with chief newsham shortly as far as the condition of these officerses that are inside the hospital. many officers just wanted to oob here by the officerseses side. you see special operations division. it happened at the heart of 18th street and adams morgan. we're being asked to move from the side of the emergency room. as soon as we get an update we'll bring that to you. we're expecting to hear from mayor boirs as well as chief newsham get an update as far as the condition of these two officers who were involved what appears to be a crash. again not clear what led up to the crash. two officers one in critical
10:48 pm
condition. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get one. it's been a very busy night, aside what happened in adams morgan we also have one in silver springs. this is video from earlier on tonight. this is i believe on pine any branch road. the 8600 block where four people were stabbed near a bus stop. we got this from police. an 15 year old and 18 year old male victim. we've been told in the case of the two victims the 15 a year old and the 18 year old, the conditions are stable. we're still waiting for more details on that as well. we'll keep an eye on all of that for you as this continues to unfold for you. big night here on fox5. we'll continue to follow those two breaking news stories as we go to break. we're
10:49 pm
right after h this. ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,
10:50 pm
asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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welcome back, we are following breaking news, team coverage of an incident that happened just a little while ago in adams morgan. we know two police officers who were on bicycles were struck by a truck that plowed into the scene. they're in critical condition at this point so a very serious scene there. meanwhile they were taken to washington hospital center where we understand in just under ten minutes there will be a press conference there. our marina maracco is there. we want to go to her first because we understand you have on breaking details to tell us. >>reporter: we're hearing from a special operations source that there were guns that were found in the truck of that vehicle at 18th street. at this point however we're not jumping as to what conclusionses were found. we're waiting until we get that information confirmed. but we are confirming through special operation sources with the metropolitan police department that are are firearms in the trunk of that vehicle. we're waiting for peter
10:53 pm
arrive at washington med star. we did see a man at the homeland security and emergency management agency, no word on the connection at this point, but that representative from that agency is on the scene& right now. we're also working to confirm more information as far as the firearms that were recovered in the back of that vehicle. as soon as we learn more we'll bring that to you. we'll check in with you in a bit. we want to get back into the city. eighteenth and colombia road is where this was near in adams morgan. tell us what you're able to hear down there. >>reporter: that's exactly right, 9:00, the white pickup truck according to police was driving northbound on 18th street when it hit two police officers and one department of public works officer. the two police officers are bike officers. it's not clear whether they were on their bikes at the time. but one of them in critical condition and then the other officer
10:54 pm
employee in serious condition, all three taken to the hospital the white pickup truck continued northbound on 18th street. drove away from the scene at a high rate of speed, according to than withs and then we are told crashed into what looks like a dump truck and the driver was able to crawl out of the car. that driver also taken to the hospital and was arrested for hit and run. now, as you there from marine arc the police chief spoke earlier here and is now headed to the hospital center. but when he spoke with media he did not express any concerns of terrorism. we asked if they had a cause, if they could tell what exactly led up to t all of this he said it was all under investigation. but i did reach out to d.c. \police\police spokesperson, he told me that there doesn't appear to be any terror-related connect. i can tell you here at the scene while it's sti
10:55 pm
several blocks of 18th street shutdown. it has calmed down. there are a lft witnesses that they've rounded up and are interviewing and of course at the actual crash sites there are police officers around gathering evidence and of that nature. but at this point we haven't heard any sort of terror relation to this crime. again, marina reporting that she's hearing there are possibly some guns in that white pickup truck again, what we actually heard from people here secondhand was that it looked like it may have been accidental. again, that secondhand i haven't been able to find anyone who witnessed this firsthand. i do believe they were being rounded by investigators and are being interviewed. a lot of concerned citizens as they come out of the bars here. again, it's 18th street on a busy thursday night sort of a happening area and as people walk out and see all this crime tape and try to get around it's a little bit cheh
10:56 pm
we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the show. i just want to point out you mentioned that we don't know if the bike officers were on their bikes at the time. but if you travel the 18th street. there are you could see where the flashlight is, the officer, that is where the impact happened right there in the middle l of 18th which lauren mentioned is a very busy area this time of night. it certainly is. again, we have an officer that's in extremely critical condition, another would be in serious condition and another dpw traffic patrol officer in serious condition. the suspect has been arrested in this case. we should point that out. and was taken who hospital. so obviously there's still a loft of questions that need to be asked. we're going to keep on top of this story and the story out of silver springs for you. again we have the press conference at washington hospital center at
10:57 pm
back right after this.
10:58 pm
the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> this is fox5 local news at 11. we begin tonight with breaking newses, several are at the hospital, including two police officers and a dpw traffic patrol aid after an apparent hit and run. this has happened in the can district in adams morgan. this is a live look at the scene. the suspected driver is in custody and now fox5 has confirmed -- well, we're getting information that there may have been some weapons near the scene of this incident. again, live images right there. that is believed to be the white pickup truck that hit two bicycle officers tonight. if you look in high temperature street there there appears to be a broken bicycle, pieces of the bicycle possibly the one that was hit. all right,


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